Situationship or Relationship? Dil ki Baat


Welcome to the fascinating realm of ‘situationships’ – the undefined grey zone that exists somewhere between friendship and an all-out romance. If you’ve found yourself in an emotional tangle that’s as elusive to define as the Indian Monsoon’s start date, it’s time to delve deeper.

Key Indicators of a Situationship

Before you proceed, remember, knowing you’re in a situationship is the first step towards either embracing it or seeking a change. Let’s look at some key indicators:

Undefined Status: Is your relationship status clouded in ambiguity? If your bond feels as clear as Delhi’s air during winter, it might be a situationship.

Evasive Future Talks: Are discussions about the future as welcome as an unexpected call from a tele-sales executive? A classic sign of a situationship.

Superficial Connection: Does your relationship feel as shallow as a street-side puddle after a light drizzle? If you’re constantly avoiding the depths, you’re likely in a situationship.

Convenience-Based: Are your meetups more on-demand, like a Zomato delivery than planned, cherished occasions? You’ve just landed in ‘situationship’ territory.

Non-Exclusivity: Do you feel like you’re juggling multiple interests just like a multitasking homemaker preparing a three-course dinner? The ‘situationship’ alarm is ringing.

Lack of Follow-Up: If your communications tend to fade away faster than morning fog under the Indian summer sun, you’re dealing with a situationship.

Mixed Feelings: You feel a strong connection when together, but once apart, the intensity seems to fade. This inconsistency could be a hint towards a situationship.

No Emotional Support: You share good times and physical intimacy but when it comes to emotional support during a tough day, it’s absent. A key marker of a situationship.



If you’re nodding along to these situationship signs, remember, you’re not alone. Knowing you’re in a situationship is the first step to either embracing it or moving beyond. Life’s too short for unsatisfactory situationships
Understand your feelings and decide if you’re okay with staying in this undefined zone. If not, it may be time to open up a discussion and aim for a relationship.

Remember, life’s too short for unsatisfactory situationships. Be aware, identify the signs, and take charge of your love life. Here’s to navigating the nebulous and finding your way to satisfying, fulfilling connections.

In this era of ‘situationships’, either be the exception, or at least be the one who knows they’re in one. Here’s to navigating the thrilling world of Indian romance!

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