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A guy I found on a dating app took his condom off during sex. He came outside but could I get pregnant?

What foods to eat to prevent Anemia?

How to support someone suffering from TB?

How can you stop TB from re-occurring?

What is Latent TB?

What is Active TB?

How to get tested for TB?

What is Tuberculosis?

Is Tuberculosis Genetic?

What are the Symptoms of Tuberculosis?

Does Tuberculosis Affect other Organs as well?

Why do condoms split?

Why don’t I feel like having sex anymore?

If my partner and I test negative (all clear) does that mean we are safe to have unprotected sex?

Can I get HIV through giving head (oral sex)?

What should I avoid doing while being treated for an STI?

Can I get HIV or other STIs/STDs from kissing?

I have a disability, can I have sex?

Do I need to use protection to give head (oral sex)?

How can I avoid catching an STI/STD from having sex?

How can you tell if someone might become abusive in a relationship?

How do I say that I want us to use a condom?

How do you kiss properly?

What is Pregnancy? How does it happen?

I am taking medicine for my STI. Is it OK to have sex?

I just had unprotected sex. What is emergency contraception?

When is the best time to have safe sex to avoid pregnancy?

My boyfriend forces me to have sex with him even when I say no. Is that rape?

I missed my period and I’m worried I could be pregnant, what should I do?

It really hurts when I have sex. Is something wrong with me?

I just got my period, what are the best pads to use?

What is consent?

What is an acceptable age for sex?

In a threesome, if the guy is wearing the same condom and alternating, can that pass STIs/STDs?

Can a condom be used more than once?

How can I tell I have an STD/STI?

Can anal sex make me pregnant?

Can eating cum transfer STIs/STDs/AIDS?

Can a vasectomy be undone?

Will a vasectomy make me impotent?

I am a gay male and I have heard AIDS/STDs/STIs are more common in gay sex? Is it true?

What’s a woman’s condom?

Why do some guys refuse to wear condoms?

Is it true that I can’t get pregnant on my first time having sex?

My partner wants us to have sex, and I am not ready. How should I tell them?

He didn’t cum when we had sex. Could I still get pregnant?

Do condoms work? What type of condom is most effective?

Does normal coughing mean it could be tuberculosis?

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