Period Sex: Embracing pleasure during periods

Period sex, a topic that often raises eyebrows and is labelled as “taboo,” has intriguing origins. The word “taboo” itself comes from the Polynesian term “tapua,” which interestingly means menstrual blood. Now, in this realm, there exist two contrasting perspectives: one strongly influenced by societal stigma, while the other ventures to break free from it.

Embracing period sex is a matter of personal choice, and if you’re eager to explore this territory, open communication with your partner is the vital first step. Establishing understanding, setting boundaries, and ensuring mutual comfort are essential before taking the leap. So, ladies and gents, let’s delve into a few crucial considerations before venturing into the realm of periods and pleasure.

The Hot Hormone

During menstruation, a woman’s body releases progesterone or the “hot hormone” and this hormonal surge can lead to an increased sexual drive. Unfortunately, due to the stigma around period sex, many women suppress this desire. Women tend to believe that period blood is unhygienic and messy, but that is just a myth. By ensuring proper cleanliness before and after sexual intercourse, you can not only put your “hot hormone” at ease, but also eliminate any feelings of discomfort or irritation

The Added Benefits

Periods can be a painful ordeal for many women. The constant cramps, uneasiness, bloating, mood swings and much more can put you off where sex might not even feel desirable. However scientifically, sex releases endorphins or the “feel-good” hormone that can not only put you in a good mood, but also put a rest to those painful cramps. Plus period blood acts as a natural lubricant, which reduces the chances of encountering a painful intercourse

Safety First

Unprotected sex during periods does not lead to pregnancy. Well, this is a myth! The chances of pregnancy are relatively low if you have had unprotected period sex, but it is not 100% effective. There is still a percentage you need to keep in consideration. So make sure you make condoms your best friend and reduce the chances of any unplanned surprises or potential STIs. Better safe than sorry, right?


The Male Perspective

While periods are the usual way of life for a woman, it is important to understand how men feel about it. From a biological perspective, there is no reason to fear period sex, but what needs to be decided is, whether your partner is comfortable with it or not? Some men, depending on the comfort and intimacy level in the relationship, believe that menstrual blood is not some dangerous substance, but just a mix of blood, tissues and mucus. While others may not completely be on-board with it. Understanding your partner’s feelings is key to form a respectful and supportive relation

In conclusion, period sex is not a taboo or something to fear about. Good communication, empathy and respect are the key to any successful relationship. So if you are looking to explore, be cautious, safe and more importantly, comfortable.

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