You can always plan when to have your next child, the choice is yours 

Many couples feel that the order and births of their children are best left to fate or to God. For some other couples, it’s the male or the male’s family that decides such questions. While these factors shouldn’t be totally dismissed, you’re better off not making them the centre of your decisions. 

So you’ll do yourself a favor by actively planning. And the key elements of planning here are – 

  1. Remember that the decision to have a child is yours and your partners! 
  2. Do not get influenced by family and society pressures 
  3. Avoiding unintended pregnancies by taking precautions for contraception, and,
  4. Consult your doctor regarding health implications and when it is a safe time to have another child.   

The ultimate responsibilities are of the couple – From giving birth to the child to their upbringing. A mother has to deal with the changes in her body and the both people involved need to make financial considerations as well. So no one else can take this decision on behalf of you and your partner. The decision is yours and your partners ONLY! 

Sometimes the wishes and suggestions of our parents and extended family members can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t let this stop you from taking an independent, planned and responsible approach deciding the time for having your baby. 

Yes, it is important to think about family planning and child spacing, but just thinking about it isn’t enough. Execution is key! Many times one may overlook the importance of contraception or just simply be careless by being in the moment. Moment mein toh enjoy karloge, par uske baad ka tension? 

Why take the risk of having unprotected sex when you don’t want babies when there so many modern contraceptive options available. Please modern contraceptives ko aapnao. It is very easy to stick to the plan. 

Only and Only have unprotected sex if you are ready to have a child in your life, otherwise I hope you like surprises. 

If you are unsure about which contraception is the right one for you, you can seek help from a clinic near you or Chat Now to a sexual health expert! 

If there is one person who is almost as important as you and your partner in the decision-making process, it’s your doctor. It’s important to get a detailed round-up of all the health issues that may possibly arise for either the child or the mother when making a decision about having a baby. While a lot of information is generally available, only a doctor can give you specific advice that is personalised as per your unique requirements. 

If you are planning to have your second child – PAUSE AND THINK 
It is recommended that there must be at least 2-3 years of gap between the birth of the first child and conceiving the second for the safety of both the mother and the child. But WHY? 

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