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Did you know, one quick injection can stop you from getting pregnant for up to three months?

Getting an injection isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, but when it protects you from unwanted or surprise pregnancies, then we think it’s worth considering!

Whether you’re single, or married the injection could be the right birth control method for you or your partner!

So, what is an Injectable exactly?

Many married, dating and single women choose this form of birth control to temporarily stop them from getting pregnant.

The injection is usually given in the upper arms or buttock muscles, and don’t worry, the needle is small, toh ghabrane ki koi baat nahi hai.

The injections contain hormones which cause the body to release progestogen, stopping pregnancy from taking place.

In India, government hospitals offer the injectable called Antara, free of charge, which lasts for 3 months.

Matlab, saal mein sirf 4 baar lena hoga yeh injection. Kaafi convenient hai, nahi?

Why choose an injectable? What’s so good about it?

  • No hassle of taking a pill daily – aab roz ka jhanjhat se chutkara
  • It’s discreet and easy, nobody would know that you’ve had the injection – kisiko pata nahi chalega
  • It’s temporary, and you can try for a baby soon after the hormones wear off – baad mein jab baccha karna hoga, toh aaram se kar sakte ho
  • It doesn’t affect the quantity or quality of breast milk, so it’s perfect for new mom’s who want to wait before having another baby
  • It reduces blood loss during period and eases menstrual cramps

Be mindful!

  • It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV
  • Some people experience side-effects such as breast tenderness, weight gain and acne, but these will go after some time and are completely normal
  • Changes in menstrual bleeding pattern occur – irregular bleeding and spotting, or scanty periods are common

Things you might have heard but are NOT true –

✘  Misconception – It stops you from having a baby in the future –

✔ Truth –Woman can become pregnant again after discontinuation within 7-10 months of the last injectable dosage – Kaafi aasaani se woh bhi!

✘  Misconception – Injectable stops the menstrual blood flow

✔ Truth – Injectable does not cease menstrual blood flow completely. It only halts the menstrual bleeding momentarily while a woman is on the dosage. When a woman stops taking the injectable dosage, menstrual bleeding resumes and the body starts to prepare for the conception process.

Find a clinic near you to see a health professional about Injectable

Not sure Injectable is right for you? No stress! You can CHAT NOW to a sexual health expert and seek more information on other birth control methods.