What is consent?

Consent in the sexual or relationship context is when two people give or ask for permission and mutually agree to engage in a sexual or physical relationship. It could mean for anything from holding hands, to kissing or engaging in a sexual intercourse. 

Communication with your partner is key to understand their state of mind and know if they are comfortable with the activity in discussion.

Consent also could also mean in the lines of ‘want during sex’ and ‘when you want it’. Agreeing for a kiss does not mean agreeing for a hand job or vice versa. Agreeing for sex once doesn’t mean agreeing for it the next time. Having alcohol or getting high together doesn’t mean an invitation to have sex.

Consent is unique to everyone. Different people are feel comfortable and consent in different ways. Some partners may also want to discuss the type of contraception, and it is important that both people are on the same page with the final decision. 

A nod, slight head shaking, or a ‘maybe’ is NOT a ‘yes’. And a ‘no’ means a ‘no’.  ONLY, a clear-cut ‘yes’ from your partner means they are consenting.

Remember, the key to making a relationship work is making sure you and your partner are both comfortable and are in mutual agreement for all actions taken. Therefore, taking the consent of a person and talking beforehand is essential at all.

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