How to support someone suffering from TB?

Consider this situation: What if one of your friends is suffering from TB? Should you isolate them and stop being friend?

No, Definitely Not! This is the time your friend needs you the most.

Ensure that your friend doesn’t lose hope, and he/she undergoes proper treatment. Support him/her by finding out the right doctors, authentic information, and help him/her in building a healthy lifestyle.

The best thing that you can do for your friend is to be there with him/her without judgement. Listen to your friend at all times. Try and stand up for your friend, if at all he/she faces any kind of prejudice from the society. Educate people as much as possible by openly talking about the myths, symptoms and more.

TB becomes non-contagious after a person is on the course of medication for a couple of weeks. So, you can then spend time with your friend in person. Avoid meeting in closed spaces, but you can still meet in open spaces such as parks etc.

The medication will do its work, but you as a friend should be helping your friend during their time of recovery too!

Learn more about Tuberculosis and read more on how to support a friend suffering from TB.

If you want more information about TB, getting tested and treatment you can call the toll free helpline 1800116666


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