Pleasure- It’s something that we all seek and yet, we are bogged down by the shame surrounding the pursuit of it. When it comes to sexual pleasure, especially masturbation, shame increases manifold because of the cultural norms and perceptions. However, thanks to the major shifts in attitudes, we are moving towards the acceptance of sexual desires and moving away from the idea that sex is primarily reserved for reproduction purposes. Slowly but surely, there has been a green signal to the conversations around masturbation too. So, how do you derive more joy from masturbation and mutual pleasure from sex? 

  • Leave no room for myths in your bedroom!
    “Women are less horny” is one of the biggest myths ever! The reality is: women masturbate and they enjoy sex, as much as men! So ladies, explore, discover and fulfill your desires, by either pleasuring yourself or making love with your partner.

    Men, on the other hand, struggle with questions like, “Will I get acne?”, ”Will I fall ill?”, etc. If you are a guy, be assured that masturbation, in fact, is great for your health as it helps you release sexual tension,strengthen muscle tone in pelvic and anal areas and more. And no, you are not a sinner if you love sex!

    While it is self-pleasure and sex are both good, always remember too much of anything is bad. Don’t get addicted. 
  • Be Playful
    As we grow up, we tend to become more practical and we are afraid to explore the playful side of ours as we might come across as silly! Be it sex or masturbation, whether it is men or women, things become a lil’ too mundane and less creative. Beat this by spicing things up and exploring your playful side. Hey, the internet even allows you to order sex toys without the world knowing about your fetishes!
  • Ek kaan se suno, doosre kaan se nikalo!
    Human beings have two ears and so, you can listen from one ear and let it go from the other! In case you come across judgmental people who mock you or shame you for having sexual desires, simply turn their voice off in your head. Hey, those headphones exist for a reason! Make use of them to either avoid conversations with them or just tune out of the world.
  • Remember, self-love helps you love others!
    Masturbation often helps men and women with body image and self-esteem issues. For women, masturbation can be a great way of appreciating their body and can, in turn, help them overcome insecurities while they are with their partner. For men, it can be a great way of understanding, exploring and loving themselves. Acknowledging and embracing your urges can open doors (no pun intended!) to freedom.
  • Silence is not always golden!
    The more you open up about sex and masturbation, the more you will discover and the more you can help in creating a more open-minded culture. It’s difficult to have these conversations but it’s worth initiating and participating in them! Try it to see the impact!

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