Medical Abortion Kit

There is very little information about Medical Abortion Kits available, making it harder to know about and even harder to access.

What’s in there?
Medical abortion (MA) kits consist of a course of five pills that the woman needs to take in order to end the pregnancy. These pills need to be taken in a particular sequence and set times as prescribed on the instruction manual or by the Doctor. Usually these kits cost around 300-500 Rupees.

When should it be taken?
Firstly, Medical Abortion Kits are safe to take within 9 weeks of the last period. When taken after this 9-week period, they can lead to complications and may not work. After the 9-week mark a trained doctor can perform a surgical abortion at a local hospital or clinic. To find a qualified clinic near you click here 

Where to get the medical abortion kit?
Most people tend to get MA Kits directly from a local pharmacist without seeing a doctor. But this can lead to complications because and if they’re not taken correctly, they may not work.

It’s best to see a doctor or family planning nurse directly so they can properly assess the situation and give you clear instructions on how to take the pills, and what to expect. To find a qualified clinic near you click here 

What happens when you take the medical abortion pills?
There could be some nausea after taking the first pill. After taking the second set of pills there could be cramps and bleeding that could continue for 8-13 days. Sometimes, solid tissue could come out with the bleeding – although this sounds scary, it’s completely normal and nothing to worry about. Some women may also go through vomiting, diarrhoea, and dizziness during this phase.

There is no reason to panic or worry, these are completely normal to happen and are a part of the process.

Does it always work?
In the majority of cases, the abortion gets completed about 15 days after taking the first pill. If you have a lot of pain or heavy bleeding after 15 days of taking the first pill, you should go see a doctor immediately to check that the abortion was successful.

Is it the best and only way out?
Abortion isn’t exactly an easy option but is sometimes the right choice to make. The best way to avoid having an abortion is by choosing the right modern contraception method for you. Click here to read about what options are available to you.

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