Maintaining hygiene before and after intercourse

Contrary to popular beliefs, sex is not as clean or glamourous as shown in porn and mainstream media. It is usually quite messy and a tedious affair with all the sweat, saliva and bodily fluids involved. While hygiene is important at all times, it is especially important before, during and after sexual intercourse as the risk of infection through sexual activity is very high.

Below are some dos and don’ts of maintaining hygiene before and after intercourse:

1. Bathe together
While bathing can also be a fun activity for couples to do together, bathing before sex ensures both partners are clean and fresh. This also eliminates any sweat, dirt and germs accumulated on the body as you move through the day.
2. Wash your hands
This may be obvious but sometimes, it’s also the most overlooked part. A lot of times, partners use their hands to pleasure each other, including touching each other’s genitals. Doing so with unwashed hands may leave germs and bacteria in intimate places, which may later cause infections.
3. Do no pee before sex, pee immediately after
Peeing right before sex may leave the woman more prone to UTIs. This is because there won’t be enough urine left in the bladder to push harmful bacteria out of the urethra. However, peeing immediately after sex prevents UTIs as it flushes out any bacteria that enters the urethra during intercourse
4. Use a condom
Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancy, condoms also protect both partners against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
Clean your genitals both before and after sex
Both partners must clean their genitals before and after sex using a little water. Do not use any soap or intimate wash products as it may disturb the natural pH levels of the area and cause irritation later.
5. Clean the sex toys before and after sex
Whether it is for masturbation or some fun play with your partner, you must thoroughly clean the sex toys before and after use.

Maintaining good hygiene before and after intercourse plays an important role in making your sex life healthy and enjoyable.

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