Basics and essentials 

Condoms are the most accessible and easiest prevention method for preventing pregnancy. Also also protects one from contracting infections or infecting others.

They are affordable and can come in many exciting varieties that sometimes add a boost of pleasure.

But, to make sure the use of condoms are 100% effective – you need to remember the below mentioned things –

  • Make sure to check the expiry date of your condom before purchasing or using;
  • Store it properly away from the sun and hot temperatures. E.g. Don’t keep the condom in your pocket or your wallet for days and weeks
  • Put it on correctly with the lubricated part outside
  • Never use 2 condoms at the same time – as it will cause leakage and more tear due to increased friction i.e. ONE ROUND – ONE CONDOM
  • And make sure, after ejaculation when it’s time to withdraw – grip on the condom to prevent leakage and breakage.

Condoms are 99% effective when used correctly. Make sure to put the condom on correctly every time.

Remember condoms are the ONLY form of contraception that protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)! Boss up and keep it wrapped!

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