Syed Raza Ahmed
as Vicky

Vicky's story

Vicky is a very sweet guy who enjoys keeping fit. He works at Radio Zingg as a Producer with RJ star Megha – who is his major love interest! Vicky has good intentions but is always too shy to do the right thing. He’s the kind of guy who carries the world on his shoulders and is too scared to share his own problems with others because he doesn’t want to inconvenience anybody! A problem resurfaces that he previously thought had vanished, his world is beginning to unravel, question is… how will he cope?

Actor Biography:

Syed Raza Ahmed

Syed Raza Ahmed started working behind the camera with several renowned directors like Amit Sharma, and Neeraj Pandey. He has also worked with the Yash Raj Films casting director Shanoo Sharma for 3 years, wherein he learnt about acting as he auditioned others. He has appeared in a few commercials such as the one on Hotstar with cricket legends and a music video for Zee music company. His motivation comes from actors like Shahrukh khan and James Dean.

Syed Raza Ahmed is a complete movie buff and loves food. You will now see him as Vicky in the much-awaited show MTV Nishedh.