Shivam Patil
as Manav Bhagwat

Manav's story

22-year old Manav is unintentionally funny. He eats, lives and breathes, often very bad, start-up ideas. Manav is the youngest in his family and therefore never taken seriously.

The lack of privacy during his date inspires Mavan’s idea for Venture No 5. When Aastha asserts herself as CEO, Manav perceives it as an attack on his masculinity. As a result, unforeseen circumstances is making a simple idea complicated. Will this be a break in Manav’s career?


Actor Biography:

Shivam Patil

Shivam Patil is a young Bollywood actor who started out by training with British drama veteran, Barry John, in 2012. He landed his first break in MTV’s fiction limited series, ‘MTV Rush’and made his Bollywood debut playing the lead in ‘Nasha’ (2013). His most recent movie was the Saif Ali Khan ensemble starrer, ‘Kaalakaandi’ (2018).  He has also appeared in over 50 TV commercials for brands such as Nescafe, Coke, Nokia, Head & Shoulders, Lay’s, Parachute, Close-Up, and McDonald’s.

Besides acting, Shivam was a professional hip-hop dancer and he has strong interests in writing and public speaking. Shivam is a publicly active advocate of causes that he is passionate about, such as mental health, climate change, and feminism. Shivam Patil believes that it is an artist’s responsibility to always stand up for and be in the service of the people.