Riya Jha
as Guddi

Guddi's story

Guddi is a sweet fun-loving girl transitioning into a bright young woman. She is passionate about volleyball and brilliant at the game. Jaishree is her mother who works hard as a househelp at Aastha’s aunt Avni’s to fend for Guddi. Therefore, Jaishree wishes for Guddi to concentrate on her studies and achieve the best possible in life. Jaishree’s fear is that her daughter will not achieve high enough grades and end up working as a maid like she did. Guddi has just hit puberty and undergoes a lot of changes which she is unable to understand. As a result it effects Guddi’s focus on studies and the game. Can Guddi prove her mom wrong and totally boss it in school?

Actor Biography:

Riya Jha

Ambitious Riya Jha started her acting career quite young and appeared in TV commercials for brands like Whisper, Body Shop and the Indian super league with Nita Ambani. Still in school, studying in 9th grade Riya aspires to cast in movies and other Indian TV serials and become a well-known star someday. She also does theater with mystic acts and has been working in several plays past 2 years. Her motivation comes from her family, especially her father.

Riya Jha says “I love watching Irfaan Khan Sir and Nawaz Sir…they inspire me a lot.” Outside of acting, she loves watching theater shows, cooking is her hobby and traveling is her passion. In MTV Nishedh Riya plays the role of Guddi and through her character delivers some important messaging to the audience and the youth of India.