Priya Yadav
as Chanda

Chanda's story

Chanda is a very traditional, kind and shy girl from Udaipur. She is super loyal to her best friend Aastha (Played by Malhaar Rathod) despite her annoying habit of being led astray to rule breaking. She often gets fed up of constantly riding the drama-rollercoaster which is Aastha. Chanda finds a new career in music and love of her own when she meets
Pulkit. She is naive about sexual health and learns along the way of her new relationship and help from a sexual health expert to answer her questions. She tries to draw links between the life in Udaipur and Mumbai. With new understanding of the subject, Chanda decides she is not quote ready for a physical relationship and decides to wait. Will Chanda make an identity for herself which is more than just Aastha’s good friend?

Actor Biography:

Priya Yadav

Priya Yadav is from Agra and she came to Mumbai in 2017. Since then she has appeared in a couple of web series ‘The Weekends’ by TSP and ‘It’s not that simple 2’ which is available on Voot. She makes sketches for TVF and reading, and writing are also her areas of interest. She is playing the role of Chanda on MTV Nishedh.