Himika Bose
as Laxmi

Laxmi's story

Laxmi is a sassy, confident, no-nonsense girl who lives in Mumbai. She works with her friend Jyoti in Rent-A-Style. She is super organised, modern and very professional. Her thirst for knowledge in coding and website development means she is a bit of a nerd but an asset to any business she works in. Her intelligence can sometimes lead her to be unpredictable and nosy. And because of that she will do whatever it takes to uncover other people’s personal information! Despite being no-angel, Lakshmi is a very valuable friend to have because she’s a trusted source of information and very supportive.

Actor Biography:

Himika Bose

Himika Bose entered the acting profession in 2016. Since then she has appeared in 70+ ads and worked with digital players like TVF, AIB, Filtercopy, and Scoop Whoop. Her first appearance in the films was through a role in Padman (2018) and she finally made her film debut last year in Malayalam with Anwar Rasheed’s Valiyeperunnal.

Apart from being an actor, Himika Bose has also a professional dancer to have trained in jazz ballet, and contemporary styles. Apart from the must-awaited MTV Nishedh, she is gearing for her next released film Jai Mummy Di.