Gaurav's story

Gaurav is a cheeky fun-loving guy from Udaipur who is Riddhi’s boyfriend. Nobody outside their friendship circle knows that they’ve been dating. He was involved in a scandal that shocked the whole community and lead to Aastha’s family being shamed. Like Riddhi, he did little to help Aastha’s situation. He plays the role of an ideal boyfriend, very supportive and very loveable. Gaurav is the kind of guy that panics in situations and keeps things to himself but when push comes to shove. However, after a little slip leads to chaos in his and Riddhi’s life, Gaurav calls upon people for help.

Actor Biography:

Rajat Verma

Rajat started his career as a theatre artist with the Ras Theatre group and followed on to being casted as an actor for the show Agar Tum Saath Ho. He has been part of comic content YouTube Channel Nazar Battu and also played lead in Urban Content Comic Sketches. You must have seen Rajat acting in the webseries Nalayaks and lately as the much beloved actor in Beyhadh2. Now you will also see him play the role of Gaurav in MTV Nishedh.