Diksha Juneja
as Jyoti Pannu

Jyoti's story

Jyoti is an ambitious 24 year old who is a symbol of female success in Mumbai. She is stylish, focused and hard-working but is also blind in love for Raghav (Played by Gautam Vig). Due to her Love and faith she willingly succumbs to Raghav’s reluctance of using condoms. She misses the 72 hour emergency pill window and finds herself in trouble. Raghav’s absence in her time of need becomes an eye opening moment for her. She takes a stand to control her own life and emotions. Jyoti’s character transitions into a stronger independent woman who makes her own life decisions, even contraception to feel empowered.

Actor Biography:

Diksha Juneja

Diksha started her acting career 3 years ago and she has featured in a film named Rajma Chawal. She has appeared in a couple of short films, one named Harshit which has won great accolades nationwide.

Diksha Juneja has always been motivated by challenging characters and roles. Along with MTV Nishedh, she has two shows due to appear on MX player and Amazon Prime. Apart from acting, she loves to dance, and have good coffee and great food.