Anubha Arora
as Riddhi

Riddhi's story

Riddhi is a very traditional girl from Udaipur in Rajasthan. She has grown up in a very gossipy close-knit community. She could have saved Aastha from the scandalisation that lead to Aastha’s banishment to Mumbai. However, despite being a loyal friend she felt it was important to protect herself and her own reputation. She deeply regrets ruining her friendship with Aastha and tries everything in her power to regain contact. Riddhi is head over heels in love with Gaurav who is her boyfriend… but sometimes when people fall in love, they throw caution to the wind…

Actor Biography:

Anubha Arora

Anubha Arora has been a part of several advertisements for various brands like Amazon, Bajaj, Airtel, Google, etc. She’s also played a major role in the web series “Arre sun na” on the YouTube channel named CHHAA JAA, which focuses on empowering women to take decisions for themselves in their everyday life.

Apart from her passion in acting, Anubha Arora is a Kathak and Belly dancer. She is a trained mental health counselor and seeks to work in the field in any capacity. She plays the role of Riddhi, a girl from Udaipur, in the much-awaited show MTV Nishedh.