MTV Nishedh Team

Sex is NOT the only path to pleasure

Call it old an outdated idea, but the act of sex is actually really sacred and has more to do with intimacy than it has to do with pleasure. Unfortunately though, the social media generation has got it all wrong. With traditional society making sex a taboo and pop culture trying to normalize it, the message is completely lost and we are in fact left with the misconception that sex and pleasure are synonymous.

The thought process and aftermath of abortion

Even today, women across the world are denied access to medical abortion and are thus forced to resort to other ways of inducing it such as abortion pills and back door abortion clinic. MTV’s Nishedh Season 2 draws attention to the decision-making process and the social after-math of seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy.


In the simplest of terms, birth control through contraceptive methods aims to prevent pregnancy. All forms of birth control (when used correctly that is!) prevent the sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg, thus preventing pregnancy. Contraception helps you and your partner decide when you want to have kids. It is a decision that should be thought through properly as it impacts your educational ambitions, your finances, your freedom and many other elements of your life. 

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