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A guide to SRH communication with your child

As parents, one of the most important and potentially anxiety-inducing conversations we face is talking to our child about sex. Even though “the talk” can evoke awkwardness, uncertainty, and answering a lot of questions of curious little minds, it is important to have an age appropriate discussion about sex with your children. No pressure, but …

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Unprotected Period Sex: The Red Carpet to Pleasure or Peril?

Have you ever found yourself on the verge of a steamy romantic encounter, only to be halted by the red flag? Not a warning signal but, quite literally, a red flag from mother nature, affectionately referred to as ‘period’. Today, let’s address a topic as complex as a Bollywood plot twist: period sex, specifically the …

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Men, Sex, and Mental Health: A Discussion on Performance Anxiety, Dominance, and Pleasing Women in Marriage

In the modern era, conversations around mental health are becoming more commonplace. However, one area that often remains shrouded in mystery is the intersection between men, sex, and mental health. A Connection Often Ignored: Men’s Mental Health and Sexual Performance Men’s mental health is frequently dismissed, or at best, woefully misunderstood. When it comes to …

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Situationship or Relationship? Dil ki Baat

Introduction Welcome to the fascinating realm of ‘situationships’ – the undefined grey zone that exists somewhere between friendship and an all-out romance. If you’ve found yourself in an emotional tangle that’s as elusive to define as the Indian Monsoon’s start date, it’s time to delve deeper. Key Indicators of a Situationship Before you proceed, remember, …

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Period Sex: Embracing pleasure during periods

Period sex, a topic that often raises eyebrows and is labelled as “taboo,” has intriguing origins. The word “taboo” itself comes from the Polynesian term “tapua,” which interestingly means menstrual blood. Now, in this realm, there exist two contrasting perspectives: one strongly influenced by societal stigma, while the other ventures to break free from it. …

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Fostering Open Communication: A Key to Healthy Relationships and Sexual Well-being

Communication: It’s the golden thread that ties every successful relationship together. As simple as it sounds, it plays a monumental role in how individuals express feelings, solve problems, make shared decisions, and most importantly, understand each other. This essence of communication becomes exponentially crucial when we delve into topics like sexual reproductive health, family planning, …

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Co-Dependency vs. Interdependence: Understanding the Fine Line in Relationships

Relationships are a complex and dynamic aspect of our lives, and understanding the distinct types of relationship dynamics can be crucial for our overall well-being and happiness. The line between co-dependency and interdependence can be fine, and it is important to understand the differences between these two concepts to cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships with …

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Stonewalling – What it means and how to deal with it

Stonewalling is one of the most common yet lesser-known toxic traits in romantic as well as platonic relationships. When this act becomes consistent and continuous in a relationship, it leads to severe mental health problems and makes an individual insecure about themselves. Highlighted in a study, Dr. John Gottman, a leading relationship expert, pointed out …

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Sex is NOT the only path to pleasure

Call it old an outdated idea, but the act of sex is actually really sacred and has more to do with intimacy than it has to do with pleasure. Unfortunately though, the social media generation has got it all wrong. With traditional society making sex a taboo and pop culture trying to normalize it, the message is completely lost and we are in fact left with the misconception that sex and pleasure are synonymous.

The thought process and aftermath of abortion

Even today, women across the world are denied access to medical abortion and are thus forced to resort to other ways of inducing it such as abortion pills and back door abortion clinic. MTV’s Nishedh Season 2 draws attention to the decision-making process and the social after-math of seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy.


In the simplest of terms, birth control through contraceptive methods aims to prevent pregnancy. All forms of birth control (when used correctly that is!) prevent the sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg, thus preventing pregnancy. Contraception helps you and your partner decide when you want to have kids. It is a decision that should be thought through properly as it impacts your educational ambitions, your finances, your freedom and many other elements of your life. 


India is all set to become the most populated country in the world in a few years and we all know how that has come to be, sex. Yet, the taboos related to sexual health, intimacy and relationships still prevail in the society. As a society, we Indians actively avoid discussing these issues openly with their friends, families or even partners. From the looks of it, India definitely needs to start talking.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis that affects our lungs.  The symptoms of getting TB are prolonged coughing, weight loss, night sweats and fever. TB is a potentially serious infectious disease and can easily spread through air when a person coughs, talks, sneezes or sings. While TB is generally associated with people from a lower economic background, the truth is ANYONE can get TB.


Talking about sex is something that almost every Indian avoids. It makes us deeply uncomfortable because talking about an intimate and private act can be awkward. However, with the rise in STDs, unwanted pregnancies and dating culture, it has become important for us to talk about it openly. In an age where there is a smog around consent, it is important that we don’t shy away from these discussions. So, what are the things about sex that make us super-awkward?


In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in its report that India accounted for 27 per cent of the total number of Tuberculosis cases in the world! Tuberculosis, which is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is a growing epidemic and yet, we don’t hear people talking about this lethal disease.

The question remains: Why not so serious? And an even more important question needs to be asked: What do we do to fight it?


Tuberculosis is a serious epidemic in India, but very few of us understand the importance of spreading awareness and initiating conversations around it. Consider this situation: What if one of your friends is suffering from TB? Yes, being around a person infected with TB can be risky, but is cutting off that person from your life the solution? No, Definitely Not! This is the time your friend needs you the most. 


Pleasure- It’s something that we all seek and yet, we are bogged down by the shame surrounding the pursuit of it. When it comes to sexual pleasure, especially masturbation, shame increases manifold because of the cultural norms and perceptions. However, thanks to the major shifts in attitudes, we are moving towards the acceptance of sexual desires and moving away from the idea that sex is primarily reserved for reproduction purposes. Slowly but surely, there has been a green signal to the conversations around masturbation too. So, how do you derive more joy from masturbation and mutual pleasure from sex? 


You’ve probably heard the mantra- “Hum do Hamaare Do”. But not much is said about the middle years between the births of “hamaare do”. “Going with the flow” on this is not very wise! 

Somewhere down the line, we also know that family planning involves a lot of thinking underneath the going with the flow. Important financial, emotional and relationship-related decisions and priorities are involved. Child spacing should be one of them. If you are planning for more than a single child, having a healthy interval between the birth of your two children is the best thing that you can do for both your children, you and your partner. But what are the things you need to keep in mind here? 

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