The taboo around the “A-word” (Abortion) means that women aren’t able to get the help they need to take control of their own lives, and that’s not cool!

Take Riddhi for example

in MTV Nishedh she and her boyfriend Gaurav get a little carried away after looking into each other’s eyes for too long. Things got a little heated, there was no condom and they didn’t remember to take the emergency contraception pill afterwards.

We all know what this sometimes leads to right? Yep, you guessed it, Riddhi (Played by Anubha Arora) finds out that she’s pregnant and she isn’t quite sure what her next move is.

But is this the end for Riddhi? Certainly not!


Safe options for abortion are widely available for women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. Par hum samjhte hai, Abortion karana asaan toh nahi hota hai.

Now for example, in MTV Nishedh, Riddhi abortion ke liye doctor ke paas jaane se ghabrati hai. Par Kyun? Riddhi ko society aur judgement ka darr hai, because like many young women in India, she’s scared that an unplanned pregnancy would bring shame on the family.

Going ahead with a pregnancy is a massive life-changing responsibility, so if it doesn’t feel right to go through with the pregnancy, if you aren’t ready to be a parent, then it’s YOUR RIGHT to terminate the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the stigma, shame and fear of being “outed” is stopping many women in India from exercising this right, or even getting correct information about abortion in general or sometimes even leading women to find unsafe options for abortion which could put their lives at risk.

So, we’re here to help with that


There are two types of safe abortions –



Medical abortion doesn’t involve any form of surgery and works through taking a combination of pills as per instructions given on the kit. Medical abortion is recommended to be taken up to 9 weeks after the last period. For more information on Medical Abortion kit click here.

Surgical abortion, which involves a medical procedure to remove the foetus is also available up until 20 weeks of pregnancy.

A doctor or family planning nurse can help you decide which type of abortion is right for you, click here to find a family planning clinic near you.


A woman is totally justified in wanting an abortion at any point she wishes, more so, if the pregnancy was unplanned. After all, it’s her body and the decision to become a parent needs to be one that she’s ready for – that’s a real commitment!

Why it’s important for the woman to take charge of the process

First up, it’s important to flag that in India, women legally do not need permission from the husband, partner or parent to have an abortion. But as we know, for many women in India there’s a lack of freedom or independence to make decisions, especially when it comes to abortion.

On top of this, you add the stigma and shame associated with it, and you find many women don’t access safe abortion services, and this can lead to a lot of complications.

In episode 11 of MTV Nishedh, after Riddhi refuses to see a doctor about an abortion, we see Gaurav buying a Medical Abortion Kit. The Pharmacist warns him that there will be side effects and he should be cautious about this. Gaurav is tense and his mind is occupied, so he fails to pass on the information about the side effects to Riddhi.

When Riddhi takes the pills, she experiences heavy bleeding and cramps and FREAKS OUT not knowing that these side effects are normal.

Aab agar Riddhi Khudh se clinic jaati aur saari jaankari prapt karti, toh woh yeh chitna aur stress se bach sakti thi.

Agar aapko bhi medical abortion karana ho, ya sirf jaankaari prapt karna ho toh aap AskNivi India par Chat karke saab jaan sakte hai. Aapka pehchan mehfoos rakha jayega.

Watch videos on different Contraceptive Options – Tip Tip with Megha Playlist https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLunNiLjBgGcjwi7uPBklgAVbKeQoOHedS

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