‘Don’t worry, I’ll pull out on time.’

We have said it so many times but honestly, how often did we actually manage to do it? 

‘Pulling Out’ or the ‘Withdrawal Method’ is when the man withdraws his penis right before he is about to ejaculate in order to prevent pregnancy. It’s been around long before it had a name but it was just as unreliable and unsafe then, as it is now. 


Well for starters, the chances of a man knowing when he’s about to reach the point of no return, and for how long can he delay it is a risky game to play; when you’re in the moment of passion people’s minds are not necessarily focused on doing the right or smart thing. Secondly, it doesn’t take into account pre-ejaculation which essentially means you are risking pregnancy before you’re even close to finishing. And finally, it’s unprotected sex. The chances of getting STIs, STDs, and HIV are much higher. 

People think that pulling out is a form of contraception since ‘no sperm will reach the egg if I pull out.’ Well, that’s a myth that got Megha busted in third episode of The Radio Show with Megha. (Psst, it’s a cool show where Megha, along with experts, talks about sexual health, contraception, and much more.) This week, our expert talked about pulling out, and how it doesn’t work and can lead to more unwanted situations than just pregnancy. To help you understand why pulling out is a bad call, here are 5 reasons for you and your partner. 

1. Chances of getting STIs increases
As there is no condom involved, it is likely that you or your partner can end up getting what you didn’t ask for, STIs or unwanted pregnancy. Remember, a condom protects. 

2. You’re no Superman
In the heat of the moment, you may not be able to pull out on time or pull out late. Even if semen gets on the outer genitals, pregnancy may be possible.

3. The remains of Round 1
You had a great round 1. And now you and your partner are ready for round 2. But here’s the thing: the sperm from round 1 can be still present and pass on in the pre-cum making pulling out pointless. 

4. Not a good alternative
If you’re thinking about pulling out is a good substitute for other forms of contraception then you’re mistaken, my friend. Pulling out doesn’t give you any guarantee, unlike condoms, pills, or IUD. If you’re choosing to pull out then chances of getting pregnant are 27 times higher. 

5. Mistakes are bound to happen
A common reason many of us go for this and not condoms is that we feel we’ll be judged, or reduce the amount of pleasure. This is not true and a lack of education and awareness will lead to a slip-up and land you and your partner in a situation you both are not ready for. 

As you see, even Megha advises that pulling out isn’t a good call to take. What to do when you’re in the mood but you don’t have a condom? Well, take a deep breath, buy a condom, and then proceed. Remember, the cost of buying a condom is lesser than the cost of getting an unwanted pregnancy or STIs. Stay safe, play safe!

To listen to the dramatic and informative world of Megha, listen to the radio show right here. 

Until next time!

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